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The Flag of Somaliland

The Flag of Somaliland

This Horn of Africa autonomous region broke away from the greater Somalia in 1991. It has a ‘hybrid’ govt featuring clans system and western-style system complete with a bicameral parliament.

In 2002, the first local govt elections were held followed by presidential elections in 2003 that brought in Pres Dahir Kahin making Somaliland a multiparty democracy.

Women line up to vote in Hargeisa during the first multiparty parliamentary elections in the breakaway Somaliland September 29, 2005.

Somaliland has been relatively stable despite having restive neighbours in Puntland and Somalia. It has a 65,000 strong armed force, a relatively well developed capital city of Hargeisa, fledgling education system, good airport (built by the US for their Columbian space shuttle), nascent but fast growing civil society, etc.

The question is: why won’t the international community recognise this state? No country has voiced its support towards Somaliland’s right to self-determination, except Israel.

Can we replicate what is happening in Somalia and indeed other failing or failed states in Africa?