Occassionally I stumble upon great material on Sudan conflict and I take it upon myself to share it, in true African spirit! One such is a recent report by Maggie Fick, a researcher with Enough Project. Her report is quite incisive, deep and a good analysis of the current situation with a focus on CPA implementation, upcoming elections and the 2011 plebiscite which many believe will lead to the birth of a new state. Here is the link:

Preparing for Two Sudans, by Maggie Fick – Enough Project.

And about those elections; since we all know it’s going to be messy and there is virtually no chance of credible outcome, maybe we need to pose and ask ourselves, do we really need them?
If we are convinced that they won’t provide the results expected of a democratic process, why forge ahead with full knowledge of the inherent risk of re-igniting fighting in many parts especially Darfur?

GoSS President Salva Kiir

What if we just hold them for South Sudan and nowhere else in the country? At least we know that here, these elections singularly provide a great opportunity for Southerners to elect the leaders who’ll lead them into a new state-hood and therefore there’s need to ensure these leaders have wide acceptance and legitimacy. And to quote Alex de Waal, “In fact, holding the elections [in South Sudan] before the referendum is turning out to be a considerable if unanticipated blessing.The imminence of the referendum provides a stabilizing force, reducing tension and the risk of conflict”

It’s just a thought…