The upcoming elections, if they go ahead, will be a huge sham, and only NCP’s Omar Bashir will come out of it happy, very happy.

The SPLM now finds itself in a huge dilemma: Proceeding with the elections

SPLM Sec Gen Pagan Amum

despite the evidence of flaws and obvious possibility of legitimizing Bashir’s grip seems irresponsible and betrayal to other opposition parties. However, boycotting the polls together with other opposition parties will jeopardize the referendum dates, something the SPLM has vowed to safeguard at all costs.

Omar Bashir needs the elections to proceed more than anything; they are more important than elections. SPLM needs the referendum more than anything else and couldn’t care less if NCP bungles the elections as long as they don’t touch the referendum.

So, it’s a catch-22 for SPLM!