I have been in South Sudan capital Juba for the last one week. The last time I was here was slightly over a year ago. This place has changed, to say the least! Roads are tarmacked, there’s pre-paid electricity to most establishments and homes, the town is less militarized, major regional businesses have set up shop, modern buildings and hotels are coming up faster than one can count, government is simply taking shape and returnees have finally unpacked the last suitcases!

Welcome to the soon-to-be-born South Sudan republic!

No one here seems to have any doubt that time for the much awaited birth has come. It has become a reality in the minds of the Southerners.

And that is the most important part: that Southern Sudanese are preparing to form a nation, not to fight. Well, of course the SPLA is reported to be arming, but that the people are not.

I see hope…