About the Blog


This blog now morphs into a forum for discussion on developments oil and gas sector; and the nexus between these energy developments with conflicts in the Greater Horn. What can we learn from other countries that have walked this path before? What are the best practices to adopt and the pitfalls to avoid?

How can our governments better harness the O&G resource for betterment of their citizens while avoiding the ‘curse’ that has plagued so many other countries especially in the Third World?



This blog is designed to be a meeting of minds to enhance our Conflict resolution and Peace-building mechanisms in the context of The Horn of Africa and Great Lakes regions.

It is my hope that the ideas shared here can

  • Equip us with tools that make us better conflict managers
  • Make Africa a better place for living
  • Remind us that conflicts can make us better if we manage them wisely.

One of my favourite quotes: “The direct use of force is such a poor solution to any problem, it is generally employed only by small children and large nations.” ~David Friedman

About me:

JoshI’m a Masters student in International Conflict Management at University of Nairobi’s Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies. I have traveled in many conflict areas in East Africa from Sudan to Congo. I have interacted one on one with key players in these conflicts, engaged the victims in Post-conflict peace-building at grassroots and local government levels and key principles at international forums.

I have a passion in contemporary Conflict Resolution mechanisms, Diplomacy and Peace-building and development.
I believe there’s need to employ indigenous Afro-centric conflict resolution methods in our traditional approaches when undertaking conflict management in Africa.

My main interest is The Horn of Africa and The Great Lakes Region.

Feel free to get in touch (jkkaruga at gmail dot com)

Follow me on Twitter: @joshkariuki


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